D. Des Chene (goclenius) wrote,
D. Des Chene

Leuckart’s charts

The Marine Library at Woods Hole has put online an exhibition of the Wandtafeln (wall charts) of Karl Georg Friedrich Rudolf Leuckart (1822-1898), the “father of parasitology”.
Marine Library, Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute
These were published between 1877 and 1892 as aids to the teaching of natural history. There are in all 113, devoted mostly to invertebrates, each an exemplar of the art of scientific illustration (the thumbnail here is of the 55th image in the series). Among other achievements was his work on trichinosis, which “led Rudolf Virchow to establish the first meat inspection laws in Germany”. In those days, you see, the government listened to scientists.
The exhibition includes, in addition to images of the posters, a biography, a list of references, and a virtual tour. (Link via Bibliodyssey, which has quite a few entries on scientific illustration.)

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