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Steam Generator Legros

From the French booksellers’ site Galaxidion:
FABRE Jean-Henri. - Souvenirs entomologiques.
Le volume 11 contient la vie de J.-H. FABRE, suivie du répertoire général analytique des souvenirs entomologiques, par le G.-V. LEGROS, préface de J.-H. FABRE.
Volume 11 contains the life of J.-H. FABRE, followed analytical general repertory of the entomological memories, by the Steam Generator LEGROS, foreword of J.-H. FABRE.
Where did that steam generator come from? It turns out that G.-V. is an abbreviation for ‘générateur-vapeur’ or ‘générateur à vaporisation’—either a steam-generator or a humidifier.
On Fabre and his lo-tech science, see Dominique Autié, “Les livres scolaires de Jean Henri Fabre” at Balles de match.
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