November 6th, 2002


Cosmic inflation

A few years away from the world of web design and everything changes. I've been converting my pages to CSS and making sure the code is clean. They're not up-to-the-minute yet, but they're much closer.
If you want to see some amazingly bloated code, view the source of a New York Times article, like this one. Try to find the actual news story amid all the spacers and td's. It's scary.

Bones & malice

Not even yet is it possible to establish the whole truth concerning the conduct of the French during the Occupation & the years just after. Most of the participants have passed on. But the animosities survive. Is hatred the most immortal of our works?
Reading: Jean-Pierre FAYE & Anne-Marie de VILAINE.
La déraison antisémite et son langage (Arles: Actes Sud, 1993, 1996).