D. Des Chene (goclenius) wrote,
D. Des Chene

More IP Dumbness

[Note: ‘IP’ is intellectual property; ‘DRM’ is digital rights management.] At Pattern Recognition: an example of corporate idiocy in full bloom. The following is the rights statement for an e-book:
Adsorption: Theory, Modeling, and Analysis. By: Jozsef Toth
File Size: 6825KB
Published: 05/10/2002
E-ISBN: 0824744497

DRM Rights:
Copy 25 selections every 1 day(s)
Print 25 pages every 1 day(s)
Reading aloud allowed
Book expires 150 day(s) after download
Note that Adobe eBooks cannot be shared.
Note the implication. If the publisher of this book hadn’t bestowed on you the “right” to read the work aloud,
you would be forbidden to do so on pain of infringement.
What I’m picturing is some amibitious jerk lawyer at a meeting on DRM suddenly thinking: “They can’t copy it in their computer; they can’t print it; how else could they steal it? Oh my God, they could read it aloud into a recorder and steal the whole thing that way!” For the moment, cooler heads have prevailed. But just you wait. Having a tongue will soon be a criminal offense.

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