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Queneau at work

Source: Bib. Nat.
de France
The Bibliothèque Nationale presents the Traité des Vertus démocratiques of Raymond Queneau, written in 1937 but published only in 1993. The site includes an analysis of the text and, of most interest, a facsimile of the notebook in which Queneau worked on the Traité. A section entitled “Repères” provides details on the sources and literary forms used in the Traité; information on surrealism, pataphysics, and other intellectual currents of the period; and a brief biography of Queneau. A final section, the Atelier, contains a series of exercises inspired by the Traité and the rest of Queneau’s œuvre. The presentation of the Traité is one of several dozen “explorations”, or brief surveys of literary and cultural topics, in the pedagogical section of the BNF. Others include the Four Ages of Life in medieval literature, the architectural projects of Étienne-Louis Boullée, the Paris of Zola, and the poems of Nezāmī.
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